Elite ez-Cinema Plus F100XWV1 Projektionsskærm

The Elite EZ-Cinema Plus Series is a highly portable projection screen for the traveling presentation or mobile home theater viewing. The fast acting "Pull and Project" solution allows for a quick set up/break down projection surface. It's self-standing design provides adjustable height settings without using tools, levers or tightening dials.


  • Lift up and self-standing;
  • Easy to use and install;
  • Features an adjustable spring mechanism for raising and lowering the screen surface;
  • Screen material is easy to clean and durable;
  • High effective scattered screen angle;
  • Easy to carry and store.


  • MaxWhite Screen Material is the most versatile and uniform screen surface for front projection. This material provides broad viewing angles and perfect uniformity while giving precise definition in color reproduction and black/white contrast. Screen Surface is durable for daily use and washable with mild soap and water. It is also mildew resistant.
  • PVC Screen Material is a multi-layer, cross-array layout, surfaced with a textured matte white optical coating and black backed to prevent light penetration for optimal picture quality.
  • The EZ-Cinema Plus comes up out of the case and is supported by its self-standing "Scissor-Back" mechanism for rapid set up and take down. Its extra-long extruded aluminum case with rotating floor supports provide product stability during operation and is designed for regular use.
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