Samsung HT-J4550 (Sort)

Enjoy cinema-quality surround sound through four tallboy speakers, which can be positioned anywhere in the room for the best sound. You're not constrained by having to wall-mount them or put them on shelves. Immense flexibility and superb audio quality means you can create a true home theater experience.


  • Experience cinematic sound that's also discreet
  • Catch all of your favorite movies and shows
  • Enjoy a more immersive 3D experience
  • Play your mobile music when you're ready


  • Never miss another movie or show
    Use your Home Theater's connectivity to watch the best movies and TV shows. With BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon apps ready to use you'll never be short of choice.
  • Enjoy a sharper 3D experience
    Get closer to the action thanks to Samsung's sharper 3D experience. Incredible picture quality, vivid colors and the most lifelike viewing experience means you will plunge into a world of detail from the first frame.
  • Your mobile music ready to play when you are
    Connect your phone or tablet to the HT-J4550 and enjoy all of your music on your home theater system. Access your music instantly using seamless Bluetooth technology to activate the system from your phone.
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